11”x14” Gloss Print
Unrelenting Love
He has given us an unrelenting love. A love that satisfies, a love that is steadfast in every way. It is a love that is assured of its goal, a love that has set its intention in stone. Unwavering in every season, it is a rock to build a house upon. 

This past week has been an extremely challenging one, and I found myself struggling with an almost crippling depression.  I created this piece...and in it...I experienced His Peace. I heard over and over...”My Peace...I give to you”. Yes I will have trials, yes I will have tribulations of many kinds...but I will always remember to return to that place of refuge that He died that I may have...His Peace...the Peace that surpasses all understanding. The Peace that is rooted deep deep in His love. He is the King of King’s...The Alpha... The Omega...the One who was, who Is, and Is to Come. 

Unrelenting Love

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