Intensity of Being

24"x24" Acrylilc on 2" Deep-Edge Gallery Canvas

There was no effort needed in the confidence of who he was. There was no convincing needed of his majestic nature, no need to add a single trait or attribute. His Maker created a masterpiece that exuded perfection. As long as he was authentic, he had all he needed to powerfully be in the moment. We, as God's ultimate masterpiece can marvel at His creation, and also learn from their ability to fully be who He made them to be. Our masks, our fears, and the doubts of our identity can be put to rest as we look at our Maker's fingerprints that are all around us. If His creation can live with such a intensity of being, how much more should God's own children do the same? Our nature, is His nature. Our fallen state is behind us and we have the opportunity each moment to rest in who we His nature, His design, His image....through the intenity of being.




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