The Image Bearer 
11”x14” Gloss Print
This piece is dedicated to men, who by God’s design bear His very image in His makeup. This piece is to honor men of character, men of integrity and men of conviction. As a sexual abuse victim this piece is a special land mark for me. Now that my defensive walls have come down, and my fighting and competing with men lies in my past. When my hostility and subconscious rage has subsided and I can finally forgive, and relinquish my anger against men. Tears are flowing from my eyes as I write this. I never asked for the abuse, I never asked for the poor modeling of how women should be treated. But in response to what I experienced and saw, I fought back against it all. I said in my heart I will never allow men to hurt me again. I said in my heart I would never tolerate that kind of treatment and I said in my heart I can take care of myself. And I have kept my word on all of those things. But now, now I have found myself in a place after so much processing, healing, growth and awareness that I no longer have the need to punish all men for the actions of a few. More powerfully is to forgive the few from a place of health and wholeness after the full weight has been given to the matter. For me, men of honor were lost in the shadows of my filter. My focus was to see if men were a threat and to what degree. And I would go from there. But Now I want to honor men where honor is due. I want to see men and to first see what God has hidden inside their hearts, to see their greatness and call it out. To empower men by my presence as a woman. To hold no good thing back from the men God has placed in my life. I want to highlight all of the men in my life who have not hurt me through a tainted image, but who have modeled what a healthy man looks like. I want to honor those who have wrestled with their own demons and have come out victorious. Those who have cultivated a father’s heart for the women in their lives. I want to thank the men who are patient in the presence of wounded women, who are gentle and kind and who with great wisdom understand what is required to love a heart that was broken as a child. Thank you.

Image Bearer

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