Catcher Of Heaven’s Tears  
11x14" Gloss Print
She cared little for the opinion of the crowd...for when she sat before Him...she caught His heart...she caught the very tears of Heaven. There she found the heart of the Father...the heart that chases the 1 and leaves the 99....she felt the breaking of His heart and the weight of His compassion for the hurting and the lost. His tears ignited a life in her that was love without judgment those who knew more pain than anyone ever should. She counted the opinion of the crowd as useless...because she caught the tears of heaven. She wanted to go where few dared to go...she dreamed of reaching those furthest from the reach of the religious. She put her own heart to the plow...that He might give her understanding to those who were forgotten, discarded and tossed aside. She placed her hands out before her, and caught relentlessly the Tears of Heaven. 


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Catcher of Heaven's Tears

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