Behind The Mane

11x14" Gloss Print
She wondered if they really saw her. Behind the hair that covered her face, she wondered if she was really known by those around her. She wondered if they could see past the fog of what she allowed them to see...she wondered if they saw how delicate her heart truly was. She wondered if they saw how frail and fragile her soul. Could they hear her heart and truly listen to what it was saying? Would they take the time to come to know the one who was behind the mane? She saw from the outside many, who would not take the time to look, yet all the while, the eyes of her Maker were upon her, the gaze of her Creator was caught by her heart...the cultivator of her soul would not let her go, would not look past her...daily, while others could not see...daily she held the gaze of her King.

Behind the Mane

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