A Mother’s Nurturing 
11x14" Gloss Print
There would be no replacement, no substitute for the nurturing she craved. A child’s heart, yearning for the love, affection and nurturing of her mother. But how could her mother give her something her mother never had herself? Her little heart would beat and wait for the moments of a warm embrace, the security of loving and gentle words that would affirm her little soul. But they never came. She had a hope of being wanted, being needed, being heard and seen, yet there was too much to do in the day, too little time for her heart to be noticed. Her little soul was blank like a slab of concrete...she took chalk in her hands, and drew a picture of what she knew she needed. In her determination, she pressed the chalk so firmly against the concrete as she drew this picture, that it broke in her tiny hand. Finally, satisfied, she took one look, crawled to the center, and curled up into a tiny ball in the arms of a lifeless image of what she didn’t have. The embrace of her mother’s arms. Her heart would never stop yearning, never stop wondering, a feeling of being less than enough would line her heart and mind without her ever realizing it. She would wonder how anyone could love her. Her heart would break over and over again even when she wouldn’t have words to explain why. This painting will be viewed with compassion by so many, because the image is of a child. But this painting is dedicated to so many grown women, who carry the wounds of the abuse of negligence. Who carry the unmet needs of a child. This is an issue few talk about or address, yet the scars of such abuse can often times linger on for a lifetime. For women out there who feel alone and embarrassed that in your adult life your heart still hurts as a child, God sees your heart, He knows your pain, and He is the healer of all wounds. Tangibly in this lifetime, may you know the comfort and security you were always meant to have. And to mothers out there with young children...hug your children, tell them you love them, nurture their hearts and calm their souls. That they may have a strong sense of well-being and security in this life.

A Mother's Nurturing

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