Commission an Original Painting

To commission an Original Painting, please fill out the form on the right including in your message the desired size and detail you would like. The prices listed below are the base starting price. Depending on the image used, the number of subjects in the image, and the detail requested, the price will go up from here. This is the minimum to consider a commission. Your commission request will be reviewed, and if accepted, 50% will be required upfront. 


  • 16x20 $250

  • 18x24 $300

  • 20x20 $300

  • 24x24 $350

  • 24x30 $500

  • 24x36 $700

  • 30x30 $1,000

  • 30x36 $1,100

  • 30x40 $1,200

  • 36x36 $1,400

  • 36x40 $1,500

  • 36x48 $1,600

  • 48x48 $1,700

  • 48x60 $2,000

  • 48x72 $2,200

  • 60x60 $3,000

For larger or custom sizes contact for a quote

Canvas is available in Standard 1" or Gallery 2". Gallery paintings are ready to hang without needing a frame. To upgrade to Gallery is an additional $50.
Commission Starting Prices
Low Detail
Low Detail
Low Detail
Medium Detail
Medium Detail
Medium Detail
High Detail
High Detail
High Detail
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