Unlock Your Inner Artist!

Cultivate Your Creative Giftings

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$340 value for just $45/Month!

-All supplies found at Walmart and/or Michael’s

-1 Video per week/4 per month

-Easy to follow step by step painting instructions

-Teaching basic technique

-Ages 5 and up

-Community Facebook page for all students to share and post their work



We are so excited to be offering, for the first time ever, online art classes! I am so excited to bring this high quality educational experience to the homes of families all around the world.  My goal is to teach others in an easy to understand way, how to cultivate their God given artistic abilities.

Due to the corona virus outbreak and wide spread financial hardships, I wanted to offer these classes at an extremely affordable rate. So that in the midst of everything going on, these classes can bring hope, joy and education to every household.  I encourage everyone in the family to participate if they so choose, growing in their God given gifts and connecting to one another in such a creative way.

I look forward to seeing all of your art pieces and hearing of your personal experiences throughout these painting classes!

A Message From the Artist - We Are All Created to Create

After 8 years of shutting down my gift of drawing due to childhood trauma...God brought healing into my life. I went through counseling with a Senior Pastor from my church, and after only three sessions, I went home and created an acrylic painting for the first time. It was amazing, as if the ability was always there just waiting to be tapped into. I thought to myself "if this is what is inside of me...imagine what is lying dormant in so many other people." 

I remember sitting next to my niece Desiree at a Dennys restaurant. I asked her to draw on a napkin a salt shaker that was sitting in the middle of the table. She did, and it wasn't easy to tell what it was. I gave her a few tips, a few pointers, and a minute later I asked her to draw it again. It was incredible, she had advanced so much in such a short period of time. 

It confirmed what I believed all along. We are all artist, we are all creators, having been forged in the very image of the Most High God the Creator of all of heaven and earth. He put His DNA in us, His finger prints are found in the very make up of who we are. Carefully crafted He put within us everything we would need to cultivate and develop the gifts that are seeded deep within our hearts and souls. 

If you are on this page, reading this now, you resonate with a strange desire to want to create beautiful work. I am proud of you for that...it is not easy to say, you have a desire to do something you may know little to nothing about. Others may be reading this having already begun their creative journey. You may be on here simply to sign up your child, never thinking this was for you. But I hope you reconsider. Regardless of what brought you here I am hope to be a small part of your journey, to add tools to your tool belt and to encourage you along in this amazing adventure called life. 

God bless,

Vanessa Horabuena

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